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Hello and welcome to BetMLB.Org. My name is Vince and I am a lifelong MLB fan. I go to tons of games, I play fantasy baseball, daily fantasy, and I’ve been writing about baseball at various websites for nearly ten years.

For the past couple of seasons I have posted betting tips at SportsBettingTips.Org and NBATips.Net and I’ve finally decided to focus on baseball. I posted tips every day during the 2018 season and will do so once again in 2019.

In June of 2018, I debuted my Bet MLB System for making MLB picks. Things that are considered in my system are: home/road pitcher splits, team hitting vs. pitcher handedness, bullpen quality and park factors. I am always tweaking it and am currently on version 4 of the system. This version was very successful to end the season and will be the main focus of tips in 2019.

If you’re just here for the latest MLB Tips posted to the website, then here they are:

I have tips up most days before noon central time so if you don’t see them, try a hard refresh (CTRL+F5).

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I’m a simple guy. I like watching baseball every day of the season. The hardest times of the year are the day after the World Series ends, the time in spring training when it feels like it’s going on just a little too long and that extra couple of days after the All-Star game when there is no baseball. I’m an avid reader of FanGraphs and daily listener of Effectively Wild. Baseball is my passion, year round.

I consider myself a diehard Brewers fan AND a diehard Mariners fan. A lot of people don’t think that’s right, but you try and watch both of those franchises for the past twenty years. It’s not easy and there have been times I had to add their wins together to get a decent record. I don’t know what I’ll do if either one of them ever make the World Series. I’m guessing the answer is: spend too much money.

Daily fantasy baseball is another one of my passions so if ever one of my tips overlaps with a DFS tip that I like, I’ll throw that in. I am a big proponent of “stacking” lineups so I’ll throw that in whenever I think it’s worth it.

About BetMLB.Org

I will keep full records of my tips on the left sidebar during the season so that you can see how I’m doing.

In addition to posting daily MLB Tips, I’ll also look at betting props and MLB futures as well. I find futures odds endlessly fascinating and I’ve been known to make more than a few bets on MLB Win Totals before the season begins. I’ll be sharing my picks for those too whenever I get the chance.

Tips are not guaranteed or anything like that. This is a free website that should be used as a part of your daily research. I strongly urge that you don’t follow blindly. Use my posts for advice to help you in regard to making a pick or not, similar to a horoscope. The MLB season is long, grueling and constantly changing. To make money in this league, you have to be willing to sort through the data and make an informed decision.

Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to a great season.